Thursday, May 10, 2012

Suggestions for next year's Din class

  • Either establish corporate identity guidelines based on the first Din or allow the design team to redesign the entire magazine (including logo) from scratch; don't have murky areas in between.

  • Require design team to have cohesive branding strategy developed before the PR campaign.

  • Go dynamic instead of static. It means hours of extra work, but the result is worth it (even though Jen probably disagrees with me!)

  • Recognize that in a team without a designated leader, each person needs to take on an additional responsibility in communicating with the group. Email can be as effective as the Wiki for working out details that the rest of the class doesn't need to be bothered with. I didn't have any problems with the people on my team, but I can see the potential for catastrophe.

  • Don't make the Wiki public. If it is public, don't display names of people not in the class.

  • Take the funds that weren't needed to buy a GoDaddy site and offer a small payment for submissions, or at least a contest. Wouldn't that be exciting?


  1. I like the idea of the contest, but where did the money comes from in the first place? I thought the budget was zero.

    Also keep in mind that it will place an additional burden on the editors to not only select publishable submissions, but to then select the best out of them.

    Also, if I submitted to a magazine's writing contest and then found out they later solicited established writers to also submit (which the prose team had to do) I'd be upset to be competing with them. But that's all inner workings of the magazine, so perhaps moot.

  2. These are great suggestions and would be wonderful if they were taken into consideration for the next DIN issue but I agree with Abram this would be creating much more work for the editors. Specially taking the amount of time we had into consideration.