Friday, May 4, 2012

On the blogging presentation

I recently went back to the Electra's blogging presentation and I love the blogs that were provided. Not only do they demonstrate how blogging is a way to connect with others (to follow them) but they also are a way express yourself. A blog allows us to create a base in which all our work to be anchored. A blog allows for us to build a fuller picture of who we really are, and it allows for others to witness this fuller picture.


  1. I agree, blogging is a great way to interact with people and perform one's identity. It is like an extension of your persona.

  2. Blogging is a fascinating concept though. Essentially, people have been doing this for hundreds if not thousands of years, writing their daily thoughts and reflecting. But since the digital age, this has become a public activity, rather than a private one (I am referring, of course, to diaries and journals). I wonder what the motivating factor is behind blogging. I know some are for entertainment, and instruction, but others read just like a diary would, which makes me wonder if these people are really just being brave and allowing their selves to be laid out in front of the world, or if they're just looking for affirmation from others?

    1. That is an interesting question and now I am left wondering if I blog because I am looking for affirmation from others or because I am being brave. To all honestly when I blog I don't think of who is going to be reading my blogs (or even if I had any readers) but I do seem to write to a certain person who I know always reads them. So I guess I blog because I like sharing and hope to connect with someone.

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