Friday, May 11, 2012

What did you expect?

When I first began taking this class I had no idea what to expect we were to do. I had never taken the class before nor had I heard from the students that previously took the class. They never talked about what they did or what I should expect. I thought editing would be like any other creative workshop class, where we do some readings and discuss, plus decide on submissions. Well it really wasn't that simple.

So I open up this question. What did you guys expect this class would be like? 

Your ideal magazine

For the final paper we had due for this class (undergraduates) we had a question that said: What would your ideal magazine be like? What medium would you use? Who would be published in it? what would it look like? What are some models? (go nuts here—money and skills no object). Although I did not answer this section of the paper because I didn't know what to say since I somehow wanted a combination of every magazine out there (since they are all amazing) and had no clue as to who to publish in it, I thought of sharing it here and seeing how you guys would answer this questions.

So, how would your ideal magazine look like?

Fan of Narrative

I must say I am a big fan of Narrative Magazine. Not only because the have these weekly contest and the stories/poems that end up being publish are fun to read but also because workwith different categories: Story of the Week, Poem of the Week, iStory, Six-Word Stories, iPoem, Cartoons and Graphic Stories, Photography, Readers’ Narratives. Anything published in this magazine remains online in their archives permanently, creating a living library of excellent writing.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

DIN Magazine

Our issue of DIN Magazine looks awesome and contains great pieces that really reflect the talent that we have around us. 

Although I cannot speak for everyone, I think that my group (poetry) did a spectacular job getting the content ready to be posted. The other groups did excellent jobs as well, evident from the excellent finished product that we have.

I would like to give thanks to everyone for a job well done, especially Jen and Lily for guiding us!

I hope that next year's DIN is just a great if not better than this years!

Free...that's the right price.

I found this website where you can access 2,500 different free online magazines. The link is As a college student living on a tight budget, I can totally appreciate a price tag that says free. Magatopia provides access to bushels and bushels of free magazines online. I thought I'd share.

KDP: An Awesome Tool for Writers

If you're a writer, you have probably at least once in your life thought about what it would be like to get your writing out there and share what you have to express.

Self-publishing is one avenue to spread the word. Amazon offers great services for self-publishers, like Kindle Direct Publishing.

With Amazon's KDP, you can:

  • Self-Publish on the Amazon Kindle Store
  • It's free and easy.
  • Gain 70% royalties from purchases of your content.
  • Can be purchased on apps for Android, iPad, iPod, iPhone, and many tohers.
I can't wait until I can try it out for myself!