Thursday, May 10, 2012

More time on...?

There wzs something in the paper prompt that didn't end up fitting into the flow of my paper so I thought I'd discuss it here, which is things I wish we'd spent more time on.  Now, some of this is my own silly fault, as you will see.

I just think that we as a class could have spent more time discussing web design, what sites to use, navigation ideas, maybe running us through a little basic HTML.  I know, I know, if I wanted to learn more about design I should have joined the design group or taken a lower division web design course (specifically web design, not graphic design...does NMSU offer that?).  Maybe take some time to toy around with Flash (or whatever Flash alternative may emerge that is compatible with those fancy-shmancy Apple products).

I just think that an actual web page itself, regardless of content, is something that can be approached in a number of interesting ways, perhaps some more navigable than others.  I just think that after looking at sites like "Whale Hunt" with their fascinating interfaces, there is more than one way to skin this cat.

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  1. I too addressed this prompt with wanting to spend more time with web design, for the reasons that I don't know anything about it and would have liked to help the design group yet couldn't.

    Another reason being that we as writers or just bloggers are going to end up wanting to create a web page and needing this information. Going over it in class would have been so great (rather than self learning and teaching yourself the wrong way to do things).