Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One more

I am not sure if I already have enough posts, since Lily counted 9 earlier and I posted once more but now I can still find only 9. Hmm. Therefore I will post one more incoherent ramble, but I will make it a short one.

I already posted a response to blogging, but since I am a great enthusiast of that field, I will take this opportunity and introduce you Americans or *insert any nationality* some Finnish blogs that I adore or find interesting. Yes, this might end up being a list of the stupidest girly stuff you have ever seen, but there is an explanation to that, so bear with me.

The blogs I read are in Finnish, except for one, but let's not be put off by that. Because for me, blogs are more than writing on a web space about any topic you can possibly think of. That leads us to the promised explanation: Why do I read blogs?

1. I am a visual person. I usually just scroll through the recent post first, looking at the pictures. Later, I go through it again, reading it. IF, and only IF, I find the text worth reading. some of the blogs I "read" I do not really read. It's all about the photos. About pretty things.

2. I just love girly stuff. In blogs. Because for me, reading blogs is like an everyday relaxation moment. When I return from school and I am completely exhausted, I make a huge cup of tea and I sit in front of the computer and stare at this girly stuff. Endless nail polish and cosmetics displays. Clothes, clothes and more clothes. Make up tutorials. Ten photos of the same outfit. Food, unbelievably delicious looking food. With this ritual, I empty my brain of all the worries and stress I have. Because most of the bloggers out there only post about the good things in life. They are presenting a picture of their life, and indeed for most of the blogs I read, every day seems like a dream come true.

3. I read blogs that are updated frequently. My friend recently asked, why do I want to read about some random nobody's life, who I dot not know personally and whose life is inevitably just as boring as mine as we are no celebrities or other important people. There's nothing fancy about university cafeteria, homework or the same freaking Charlotte Russe or H&M scarf that every second person has. But the explanation for this is as simple as this: curiosity. Who does not like good gossip (men, don't bother to answer)? Who would not want to be eavesdropping in the closet? It is this human trait that drives us to ask people about their lives. It is just inexplicably interesting.

Without further to do, here are links to a few blogs that I enjoy. Take it or leave it.



Jenna Marbles


Xenias Day

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