Wednesday, May 9, 2012

newspaper or magezine

As everyone can see news abounds in the world we live in.Everyday we can barely go without news which keeps us in formed of what is going on outsidein other words news enables us to keep in contact with the world. It's almost indispensable isn't it As for which medium of newspaper and television is of great use in my opinion it depends. In order to draw a clear distinction between the two I think it may be better to take into account the functions of mass media as a whole in the first place.
  What are the main functions of mass media
  To begin with the primary function of mass media is to inform. Via media the public receives the most up to date news in the world national and local events. Also the media is used to warn the danger of such things as approaching storms escaped and dangerous criminals and epidemics and so forth. Without it people may be vulnerable when facing these dangers with no warning in advance.
  Secondly mass media can educate the public.  Media coner-friendly. Most housewives are inclined to watch a TV program on how to cook rather than to read a dull recipe on a news paper because the former is more vivid and makes the cooking easier to learn. Students are more interested in teaching programs on TV for it feels more intimate and friendly to get a lesson from a smiling teacher than a whole page of monotonous exercises on the newspaper.
  Here comes the third function the entertainment.  As today's society is to some extent "diversified" as far as their interests and tastes are concerned newspaper and TV can be favored by different people. In newspaper the games of cross puzzleshero scopes telling "You are in line for an unexpected wind fall" may go well with the idlers while thrilling movies may at tract the young.
  In a nutshell as the old saying goes "Life is always gray instead of being black and white". With the overlapping information and roles of both newspaper and TV it is wise to complement these two. Only by getting a clear picture of their strengths and weakness can we make a better use of them both.

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  1. I am a super media consumer, and I get most of my news from the internet or tv. Very rarely do I get it from a magazine or newspaper, but it still happens. I love knowing what's going on in the world, especially when it comes to issues I care about.