Sunday, May 6, 2012

Response to Blair and Cadle

As the developing of technology, computers become the most important way for people to receive news all over the world. I believe this is a great invention which helps our life become easier and more convenient. According to the article " As we stress within this chapter, online journal editorship provides a unique opportunity for the feminist mentoring of both male and female doctoral students in rhetoric and composition." I agree with it, since the newspaper is less popular than getting new online, people can get whatever messages online than an actual paper. What we can get online is not only just reading journals, reading news, watching videos. We can also shop online, chat with friends and family. This article is a good example for us because we are also working on our DIN magazine. Design a website is not easy, we have to organize everything we have and also come up with a theme which fits our magazine. Another difficult part is submissions. How can we get people to submit their works to our magazine? Which one should we choice, which one should we deny? How can we inform the author that if his or her work got picked or denied? I always believe that team work helps people to finish the project better and faster and will have high quality. To work with a group of people is not easy, sometimes there are a thousand of opinions on one thing. But in order to make a decision, people in the group should learn how to compromise others, and also come up with the conclusion.


  1. I think that the way a group collaborates together, like we do for DIN, is pretty much the same whether it is for a newspaper or a website. But I think you are right about how other websites help us create a better online literary magazine. I also think that the reason newspapers are dying is because there is so much multimedia online, especially while looking at news. You can read an article, watch a video or report it might be referring to, and then also comment in a discussion about it.

  2. online source is a useful material for us to expand our thing. online literary magazine is a effective way to use.