Sunday, April 29, 2012

Some things should just not be in print anymore

And newspapers have always been one of those things. I am still attached to reading an actual book, but it has never been enjoyable to try and read a newspaper. In fact I would say you were crazy if you said you enjoyed reading a newspaper. They are made of flimsy paper, that you have to fold and unfold over and over to find the article that you want, and that is only part of the article. Newspapers were made for the digital age, they were just ahead of their time and didn't know what to do with themselves. I think the dollar or so subscription rate after however many articles read is a good idea. I don't follow any specific newspaper so that wouldn't really affect me, but if there was one I really liked I wouldn't mind paying that.
Here is the main problem I see for newspapers who want to charge for subscriptions. Almost everyone who gets their news online does not get it from a newspaper. They usually either search for something on Google, or start at a headlines hub like Yahoo or MSN. These usually link you to their own content or to news outlets like Reuters and CNN. The only thing an online newspaper is good for then is local news, which I don't care for all that much personally. The way I figure it is, if it is important enough I will hear about it from somebody or it will show up on the national news. Most of the local articles that show up in local news papers are local, and they are usually scraping for articles. So you get things like this article from the Las Cruces Sun News:

Pet cemetery spring cleanup

Nancy Leu, of Las Cruces, works on some weeds at Alicia Melgaard Memorial Pet Cemetery on Saturday as volunteers participate in the spring clean up at the cemetery. This is the first time Leu has helped at the cemetery. The cleanup will continue today.

 Yep, that's the full article. I would be upset if I had to pay half a cent for that honestly, which is what you'd essentially be doing paying for a web subscription of a newspaper. Now I know the Sun News is no New York Times, but there is nothing in the New York Times that I want to pay for that I can't get for free. 

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  1. I don't know...we might hear about that pet cemetary on CNN. It seems pretty groundbreaking... Keeping it clean must be an undertaking...It's good find volunteers weeding out others who don't care to put in actual work. UGH! That story got my pun bug going. Anyway, I think a lot of local news does have to do with this kind of human interest story. And you have to wait until the newspaper gets arournd to publishing - you can't just google it when you want.