Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Crowdfunding is an interesting subject. I have donated to St. Jude's Hospital and the Red Cross, which had had successful online campaigns. I didn't know the term for these campaigns.
I think it is a concept that can do so much good and help people during natural disasters and things of that nature. It is certainly more fun than a telethon --- plus many people are connected via Facebook, Twitter, etc.
It is an immeadite way of receiving funds, and based on the readings, I would be more inclined to participate and find out about a campaing online, than if it was advertised on TV, radio or other types of traditional media.

Here's a cool video on Crowdfunding and Crowd Sourcing: Crowdfunding Explained


  1. It would be interesting to know how successful the texting fundraising campaigns are-- those ones where you text a certain number and they will charge your phone bill and donate the charge to a charity, like they did for the crisis in Haiti a year or two ago. That seems similar to crowdfunding, but through a different medium, maybe.

  2. Like you I hadn't realized that these campaigns were part of Crowd-funding. I too have been donating money to the St.Jude Hospital, and still do till this, every other month if I have enough to send.

  3. I've never contributed to crowd funding but a man that I was acquainted with walked from the east coast to the west coast producing photos of his journey. One may not need to be selling an actual product to qualify for crowd-funding but instead share the images and situations that the person encountered for those that can't walk from sea to shining sea