Friday, April 13, 2012

Newspaper Musings

I realize the article was about newspapers charging more for digital access, but I couldn't help but think about the newspaper industry in general as I was reading. 
I don't read print newspapers. I used to. Back when there was no such thing as online newspapers. I am fairly ashamed to admit that I pick up the Las Cruces Bulletin from my driveway every day and immediately walk it over to the recycling bin (I'm not sure if I have a phantom subscription or if everyone receives it). 

Newspapers turn your fingers grey. They take up space. You have to put in effort (albeit minimal) to find the articles you want. But, newspapers also smell good. They remind me of my dad on a Sunday morning, sipping his coffee and pondering over the state of the economy, or whatever was headline news. I also remember being in the newspaper. Like this blast from the past: "In the final leg of the 400 yard freestyle relay race, Dana DeRego out-touched Shelton’s anchor to give SK the win." Did I keep the newspaper that had that excerpt? No. (well, my mom probably clipped it and put it in an album somewhere). The point that I am trying to make (in the most round-a-bout way possible) is that newspapers are going digital. I found that little nugget online. After I googled myself - which is, in itself, both creepy and revealing. 

I only read digital newspapers. I hate when my fingers turn grey. I love the navigation ease that digital newspapers afford, and I can easily find what I want quickly. I can also blow up pictures. Or click hyperlinks. There are no hyperlinks in print newspapers. There are also no paper cuts with digital newspapers. 

So, yes, I would pay more for an online subscription. Probably a lot more than the 1-2 dollars the article suggested. But, as of now, the newspapers I peruse are free. When the time comes to shell out the cash, I will. 

One last remark. I don't think newspapers are dying. They are moving, yes, but they aren't dying. People still need news. Newspapers will still provide news. 

One last last remark. I really enjoy looking over the newspaper page of DUI drivers in ABQ whenever I visit my Aunt and Uncle. I will suffer through the grey fingers and paper cuts to enjoy that one page of entertainment. 


  1. I definitely agree that newspapers aren't necessarily dying, but moving to another medium. I do believe, however that photojournalism is something that is in real jeopardy of dying, because of this shift to an online medium.

    Everybody has the ability to share things quickly and efficiently via the internet. Therefore, news organizations have begun using a ton of viewer generated material, especially with photos and videos; sometimes even blogs. A perfect example of this is CNN's iReport, where people send in footage or pictures of different things that seem newsworthy. This cuts the need for photojournalists dramatically, because why would you pay someone to do something when you can just get it for free because the majority of people have this innate desire to get on television?

  2. Hi Dana, great post. Your comment here reminded me of something (If I remember my 10th grade history right):

    "One last remark. I don't think newspapers are dying. They are moving, yes, but they aren't dying. People still need news. Newspapers will still provide news."

    So this reminded me of world history when the Roman Empire was declared "wiped out"...when the truth was they just moved east,(and became the ottoman empire? I think.)In any case, it's possible paper newspapers will become a different form (maybe Apps?) but they won't disappear entirely.

  3. I love the comic! Comics are a great way to get an argument out there very concisely. Maybe Lois is right, and the newspapers should just move to a different medium?

  4. hahahaha, its interesting. comic makes me laughing every time. humorous peroson is a smart person.