Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Eyes!

Have you ever gone to a website, it loads, and then you immediately start to try and click away but can't find the back button because the websites awfulness has blinded you? Of course you have, and once you finally make it back to your safe place, you realize that you can never get the image of that hell out of your head. Take this website for example:
Warning: you may scream in terror and pull an Oedipus Rex. (Stabbing your eyes out, not marrying your own mother. Sicko.)
Anyway, the people who created this monster (it just wants to love and be loved) did so for educational purposes. They did everything you were not supposed to for website design, and they did it well (or horribly). So, if you ever make a website, you will now always have this in your mind as a reference of what not to do.
Pickles and Chickens,


  1. I laugh at this website! I have actually seen websites before that look just like this one, but they are actually trying to be successful. Some one should have had mercy on them and pulled the plug.

  2. I just loled in the library! I'm not sure if that's a civil or criminal offence, but I'm claiming temporary hillarity.

  3. This is amazing. In one of my design classes in my undergrad, we had to remake a website. Our teacher chose a website for an Animal Park in Oklahoma, and it was just awful. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) they updated it, but there are still some awful things on it.

    But yeah... I think I learned more about design by seeing what not to do than I ever did with being told what to do. Good resource.

  4. Pull an Oedipus Rex...LOL.

    This site was horrible.