Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The future of the newspaper

The future of media?
I thought it was interesting that we read about new payment models for newspapers around the same time media mogul James Murdoch is testifying.

In fact, as I was reading the assigned article, one of the links to the side was about Murdoch's testimony, which I clicked. A choice tidbit from the article was Murdoch's view of where news is going:

I believe we have already entered an era of what will become ultimate plurality where the consumer is ever increasingly empowered and in control. Put simply, the disappearance of boundaries between formerly distinct sections of the media – such as newspapers, television news, scripted and reality productions, blogs, Twitter feeds and Facebook pages, radio and user generated video – means that they all now coexist and compete for attention, interaction and engagement on a single, collapsed digital plane. This has profound implications for the work and reflections of this Inquiry.
Do you think this is right? Are we seeing the "formerly distinct sections of the media" coalesce into some mish-mash of the forms?


  1. I think so. It is crazy to think of because we have been so used to separate medias, but now everything seems to be connected, especially since the rise of social media.

  2. I still believe that newspaper is irreplaceable no matter how advance the new technology will be. People who love reading newspaper will continue reading it.

  3. i think it depends. some peole like to read newspaper, it is a good behavior. our new generation will no longer haveing the habit reading newspaper