Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The market made me do it!

The writers mentioned in this article that it would be good for newspapers to get in front of the trend of charging small fees to paper subscribers to get online access.  I wonder if that is really the case.  It seems like, sometimes, if a company has to do something unpopular, it is best to wait until others have done it.  That way, the company can claim they held out as long as they could, but eventually the market forced their hands.


  1. Very true. I think the Albuquerque Journal recently started doing this.

    It seems interesting to me that, as our readings earlier this semester pointed out, lit mags never make money. And now papers, which kind of have a similar model (different product, I guess), are struggling with their bottom line.

    1. Good point, Mattie. We have no where to go but up as far as profits related to little mags. I guess if we don't go into debt we are golden!