Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Future of Publishing. Should I Have Written That Backwards?

I came across another cool video about publishing. It was created by a UK-based publisher for an intracompany sales conference, but, as all things interesting do, it went viral. It speaks for itself, so I'll just say to be sure to watch it the whole way it through.


  1. I love this video, Chris! I want something just like it for DIN!

    How do you see this relating to DIN directly - what do we need to know about readers? How do we walk the line between honoring what our customers/readers want and exposing them to cool new stuff they don't even know they want yet?

  2. I think this is interesting from a creative standpoint- very clever, although, I think I was starting to anticipate the twist midway through when I realized the flow of the message just felt a little off. It actually sounded a lot better backwards.

    Anyway, yeah, I'm all for the death of publishing. The thing is, the death of publishing as we know it does not necessarily mean the death of jobs for all publishers- it just means we won't have the same jobs as technology changes. Those romantics who resist the change- those who bitch every time a book store closes or they can't get a teaching job or their book doesn't get published will just have to change with the times. I think the future of publishing is getting people to pay to read your blog or online article. And people will go to the best blogs with the best and most informed and creative writers or artists and the system will operate in essentially the same way as contemporary publishing, except you won't get to hold a book. Those who can't roll with the changing times get run over by them, and those who can will profit.