Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I knew the primary colors are red, blue, and yellow.  The three most popular monsters on Sesame Street are Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Big Bird. That is part of the attraction for preschoolers and other children. I knew that color can be symbolic both positively and negatively. There have also been studies proving that color can affect individuals' moods, but until I read this article I did not make the connection between color and walls.  

On his talk show, Maury always sends suspected fathers to the "GREEN" room while they await the results of paternity tests.  I can only imagine the panicky  possible fathers-to-be who thought they were just having sex with an able bodied female, who doesn't walk on all fours,  just to find out she may be expecting his baby! Just think, the green room was instrumental in the relief felt when news came that he was not the biological father of her bastard child, and to further add to his triumphant mood, he received the news in front of a nationally televised viewing audience of possibly millions of other trashy, unemployed viewers.  Indirectly the color green is responsible for the falsely identified, biological sperm donor's new celebrity status, ability to afford his next case of Budwiser, and the fact that he is so getting laid when he gets back to his trailer park!  

Truly this talk show scandalizes and takes advantage of (and makes light of) the seriousness of this situation, and it is revolting.  Maury capitalizes on a fraud perpetrated when a woman who knows, or who should know, or who has reasonable grounds to know the true identity of the biological father of her child, and for viewers pleasure (and Nielsen ratings) falsely identifies the wrong man as the biological father of her child.

Possibly Maury would benefit from also offering a "WHITE" room for the mother.  Although white is not a color, it is the culmination of all colors - the energy of light. It represents justice and truth. Hopefully white can provide clarity and honesty for the mother, since the energy of white is symbolic of new beginnings.


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