Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Design Team's Meme

Electra, Jordan, and Joyce


  1. While this is funny, especially to people in our class, this could potentially be used as a viral advertisement, maybe on the Facebook page, or hung as a flier around campus. But the picture of the cat does not portray our magazine in positive light. Maybe a picture of something that correlates to the name of our journal? Din? Like maybe a bunch of people running around screaming or something.

    Also, the picture of the burning books won't help either. We don't want to alienate submitters. Maybe tweak this to highlight more positive qualities of our magazine that will encourage submissions? Again, it's funny now, but we could tweak the intended audience and use it for something more productive.

    1. I LOVE this meme! And I agree with Rob that it'd be cool to let others see it too!

  2. Although these got old really fast and started on a website that I frequent, this is actually pretty funny but I do agree with rob in all aspects of this. I do love cats though!

  3. I think this is awesome. Better than most of the ones ive seen on facebook. Good job. And the cat is cute!

  4. I love it. That's so funny. I wish I had seen it earlier I would have totally used it for publicity.