Monday, March 26, 2012

Color for web design

I found this educational video Color for Web Design, which I think compliments the article we read on color. Some of the points made on the video, which I think could be helpful for DIN is using color as a way to brand our product as well as using it to evoke emotions or a feeling of distortion. The article we read, explained color illusions, which I also think would be fun to use given our theme.
Along those lines, I think the notion of simultaneous contrast is an interesting consideration given this year's theme.
Here's another video from a web consultant, which explains how to choose and use color for web design:Color Selection and Web Design .


  1. I like thinking of color as a way to brand DIN. We settled on the logo but have really moved around on colors. Maybe that's something we should settle on.

  2. Very neat. If you branded DIN, would you pick one color and then change the accompanying color every year?

    This reminded me-- I just learned in Illustrator that, if you choose a color and then click over to the panel on the right side of the screen, it will show you the palette of triads, complementary, etc and do the color association work for you.

  3. I also like how he organizes his color palette in the video-- very handy. :)

  4. It would be cool if Din was more branded, like a logo and colors that would make it easily recognizable. But the problem is, every year the issue is going to be different, so how would it be possible to choose a logo that would fit every theme and every class's taste?

  5. I agree, DIN coould definitely benefit from more branding. I love that the magazine have different images each year but it is difficult to really see what DIN is in and of itself.