Saturday, February 18, 2012

Typo in call for submissions

Nobody seems to have noticed this yet. It wouldn't let me make a comment to the wiki page, so I made a comment here.

Distortion of perception is aural, visual, and sensual. It is fun house mirrors and rumor mills. It is a manipulation of noise. It is a mash-up of surrealism, dreams, truth, and memories. Distortion is in an altered and altering. Language, stereotypes, body image, and social boundaries are distorted: airbrushed fantasies on magazine covers, virtual identities and avatars, political misrepresentations, and partial truths in the media. Distortion is artificial and organic. It is a cloned image that contorts reality.

There's either a word missing or there are some extra words in that sentence. It looks like this typo made its way onto the flyer as well.

Is there a way to allow comments on wiki pages from people who aren't on that particular team, without letting them revise the page directly? I think for catching errors like this it'd be useful, plus I think those of us in the criticism team in particular would like some input from everyone else on what direction we should go in, since criticism is a completely new section.


  1. Think we finally caught this, Chelsea. Thanks!

  2. This is really important, thank you Chelsea

  3. it works and helpfull, appreciate Chelsea