Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Damn You Auto Correct!

I wanted to post about this site as an example of alternative storytelling as I find it incredibly entertaining. Most of you have probably encountered this site before (I'm talking to you Americans) but I, as an exchange student with a nine dollar phone and a mission to avoid smart phones as long as I can, only found this site recently. I have spent hours and hours reading different kinds of Facebook fails which were mentioned in a previous post, but I wanted to make sure all of our freetime goes to waste reading this too, so here you go:


The reason why I think Damn You Auto Correct is a brilliant example of alternative storytelling is that it tells a story, actually a massive amount of stories, that are true stories. Nothing is more appealing to a human being than getting a peek into someone else's conversation. And what would be more enjoyable than an actually funny, witty and short story and oh boy do we all love to laugh at someone who fails.

These short conversations are also efficiently and easily shared with readers. When the web page receives a story, it is posted and read by a great audience. Furthermore, it can be shared via Facebook, Twitter or any other social media in a split second. Another quality that makes DYAC an effective storytelling device is its growth speed. As I pointed out above, it is incredibly easy to waste a tremendous amount of time on the page, just clicking and clicking in order to get more stories. It is difficult to stop, especially when the source seems endless. "One more page.... Okay, one more and then I'll go to sleep... No, I want to see the next one..." Yep, it's very contagious.

I apologize that this post is a so late, but Blogger seems to hate me. Enjoy your (DYAC-filled) evening!


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  2. I love how people can now blame autocorrect for what are actually real typos or freudian slips. Good link.

  3. And also, autocorrect can lead to some really disastrous results, as one might see from the stories at DYAC. Autocorrect is the devil!

    And blaming autocorrect, well there are advantages and disadvantages. At least sometimes we can get away from a little slip by blaming it all on AC. ;)

  4. Okay, this might be weird, but has anyone ever thought of intentionally doing a typo and then blaming it on autocorrect, just for the humorous effect?

    ...I can't be the only one...

  5. This is really interesting. I have friends like to blame autocorrect. I believe everything has its merits and shortcomings.

    1. Thanks for sharing; this was hilarious. Within an hour of owning an iPhone, I disabled the autocorrect feature.

  6. I agree with Abram. People have used auto correct as an excuse. I tend to read my texts before I send them, so I don't have a problem with this.