Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Britpop is popular

Ah Brit Pop! That most maligned of genres on U.S. shores, exclusive to elites and kids who don't listen to Korn or whatever it is that kids who beat up on other kids listen to these days. That struggling brotherhood known as Oasis are back with a new album which can only mean that it's time here at List Of The Day to observe and analyze the entire genre--until it hurts.
As is usually the case, in order to make the list interesting--and to annoy my faithful readers--I've expanded the definition ever so slightly. The band still must originate from one of the British Isles (that means England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, people) and the band must exist sometime between 1980 and the present day. While some smart readers might want to include the Beatles on this list, since they were British and sure did play pop music, they've been barred as simply being "too old." So, Sir McCartney, take your AARP card and shop for your discount somewhere else! However, I'm sure any of these bands below would be proud to be considered one of your "children," if only to be cut into the inheritance. But if you think I'm going vegan just to get on your good side, Macca, you've got a double cheeseburger coming!

Now, should the Jam have qualified? I love 'em, but I just couldn't see them here.
25) LushShoegazers? Seems we never run out of categories. There was a time when it was believed this music could be successful in the United States and it would take one big Lollapalooza to convince everyone. Except the line for the beer was long and half the people in attendance were counting on slam-dancing to show off their physical prowess. These sweet-cheeks were on 4AD, which was generally considered a "Goth" label. Back in the early '90s, Goths were often scorned!
24) Franz FerdinandIt's said they're working on their third album that should be out sometime next year. This Scottish group is taking their sweet time, which makes you wonder if they're up to something. As in completely altering their sound? Probably not going heavy metal anytime soon, but the thing about smart kids is they eventually get restless and bored and end up experimenting. Sometimes it's a good thing. Other times, it makes you wish they were a little dumber.
23) SupergrassIf you look at England on a map, it isn't that big. Considering how many bands come out of the country, it makes you wonder if there isn't some sort of factory that manufactures them. And why does this country insist on supporting its economy this way? If we could, here in America, we'd all be a nation of investment bankers. Well, that was up until a few weeks ago. Now, we're making other career choices. And trying to understand what a "bank" really is.


  1. I'm hoping you serve on the multimedia group. Sounds like you'd have lots to say about audio as narrative!

  2. I wish we could have had some cool audio projects. I've always felt that music tells a story (although sometimes a bad one), and it would have been nice to bring something like that to the magazine. Maybe next year...

  3. Interesting Qian. i know you are a big fan