Monday, January 30, 2012

Alternative Storytelling: Living History

Alternative Storytelling: Living History with the Archers

The Archers are a couple after my own heart. Most of us have, at least once in our lifetimes, sat through a particularly uninspiring recounting of America's history. The constant, monotonous drone of the teacher is reminiscent of Ferris Beueller's economics teachers is enough to force any person of sound mind to close the book, so to speak, on history. However, the Archers along with other have found a unique and fascinating way to share the story of America during the Edwardian Period and the Roaring Twenties!

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  1. For some reason this reminds me of "Drunk History" on
    I admit it's a tenuous connection. Just the re-enactment part, really.
    But "Drunk History" itself provides an interesting new model of storytelling that makes history more visceral (and probably more subjective).